Jon Magazine Cover ft. Lance Blass

Posted on December 5, 2015

For the Pop Issue of Jon Magazine we had the pleasure to dress former NSYNC member and Meredith Vieira Show co-host Lance Bass.


On the cover, Lance is wearing our dark grey checkered DB suit.

Lance Bass by Ted Sun (
Lance Bass by Ted Sun (

He also wore our maroon velvet leveled suit, as well as our checkered hooded suit, which was not published in the issue.

Lance Bass by Ted Sun (
Lance Bass by Ted Sun (


photo: Ted Sun

Styling: Pamela Watson

H&M: Sarah Salice

Blogger Spotlight: Dathias Godfrey

Posted on November 13, 2015

About one year ago, we decided to integrate menswear bloggers to our marketing strategy. After watching the incredible rise of Daniel Wellington watches thanks to a strong blogger network, we reached out to their PR agent hoping to get any initial contacts.

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 This is how we met Dathias Godfrey who was quite new in the blogger world back then but with incredible potential as we soon noticed. Meeting Dathias personally was as fascinating as his own blog is, full of surprise. At 5’8 and very slim built he does not speak much but what he says is carefully chosen and spontaneous at the same time. And still, he is a communicator, a social connector who networks 24/7, always finding something or someone new to experience or connect with online or in person.

dat 2

But who is this smartlooking kid who said, I can help getting DARKOH to the top!“ At our first meeting with a self-confidence that left us so speechless hat we had no choice than to give him a try.

Dathias always knew he wanted to work in fashion and lifestyle marketing, and even though he studied Advertising/Public Relations at Michigan State University, the city that most inspires him is New York.

dat 1

The city has amazing style, he says.There’a nothing more inspiring than to walk through the city and look at people, billboards and art to create new ideas, or hang with fellow bloggers.

After working with renowned brands such as Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis and Uniqlo just to name a few, Dathias has developed his own unique style with a sense for purity and distinguish elegance with a smart twist just enough to still embrace the “wow”-moments at social gatherings.

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His own blog Man Moment Journal has grown a tremendous audience and his instagram account constantly gaining new followers, which encourages him to always outdo himself with any new post.

 Dathias has been working with us for almost a year now. What once started out as a Digital Marketing Coordinator has now grown into a company integration which exceeds the usual formal business exchange. He has become a creative member of our team and a DARKOH ambassador who has a feel and a sense for the brand and its strategy.