Blogger Spotlight: Matt G-Style

In December, we had the honor to team up with Antwerp’s famous blogger Matthias Geerts.


There is a lot to say about Matthias and his style and why he is in favor of 90k IG followers.But it is by far a bigger pleasure to watch his feed and read his blog and come to the conclusion that yes, he is representing the style of a fashion conscious average young man.


His outfits are well picked and put together, never too much and absolutely wearable in everyday life.


This may explain why it was an extraordinary experience for both of us when we somehow convinced Matthias to try out our brickred wool suit from our FW15 collection.

brick red FW

And the outcome was quite amazing, which increased our admiration for this young man to the double.



He then put his thoughts about the trend color red into a nicely read blog, which saves us time to fill you in here…

Therefore, enjoy  his thoughts about DARKOH and Red in Red In December 

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