How to Take Measurements

At DARKOH, we value quality and perfection and we know that every man is different. Your size, posture, figure, and the shape of your body all change the way your suit fits. This is why it is important that you take the perfect measurements for your new DARKOH suit and compare it to our DARKOH SIZE CHART – GRÖßENTABELLE.

What you will need:

  • A fabric measuring tape (fabric only).
  • Assistance from a friend

When taking measurements:

  • Keep the measuring tape comfortably snug, but not tight.
  • All measurements should be made to nearest inch.

The following section provides a measurement guide in pdf format, which will help you to find  the right size, and gives you the option to order a made-to-measure suit if the measurements conflict.

Darkoh measurement guide

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DARKOH SUITS ARE CUT SLIM FITTED. It means that we add approximately 2.5 inches to the hip, waist and chest measurements you provided, in order to give you enough room to move about and maintain a slim silhouette. Sleeves, collar, shirt length, etc are tailored exactly to the measurements given in the descriptions.

If you have a very athletic built and you are uncertain about the correct size to order then please

  1. email us a full body image
  2. provide us your measurements


If you have any further questions or you need any assistance in finding your right size please contact our Customer Service