Introducing: The Modernist – Formalwear Dedicated to the 1960s Masculinity

Shortly before the holidays, we have the pleasure to introduce our new formalwear collection called The Modernist.

Inspired by the same 1960s icons who we dedicated our Fall/Winter 2016 collection such as Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Ryan O’Neal, the collection reflects masculinity and confidence as well as a sense of sensitivity and vulnerability.

For this season we designed tuxedos and suits that do not require a dress shirt and bowtie; however, the preference is up to its wearer. We decided to work with turtlenecks to reflect the coolness and a sort of laid-back elegance of a generation that was well known for its most sexiest icons. The collection includes two tuxedos, one evening suit and one dinner jacket, all in various colors.

All fabrics and garments in this collection have their origin in Europe and were produced under the guidelines of fair trade and sustainability.

The collection is available on Monday, Dec 06.


photo: Ava Pivot

h&m: Anne-Marie Wittchen

model: Stefano